Bicocca is a historic Milan district with a focus on excellence, the location of prestigious cultural and scientific institutions like the Università degli Studi Milano-Bicocca, the Fondazione Pirelli, Pirelli HangarBicocca, TAM Teatro Arcimboldi, Gruppo 24 Ore, the CNR (National Council for Research), the Luchino Visconti Civic School of Cinema and Cineteca Milano MIC.
In recent years, the district has drawn Italian and international investors and a community of entrepreneurs, creative professionals and designers who are building the Milan of tomorrow.

A long story
of excellence

The Bicocca district developed at the beginning of the 20th century around the Pirelli factory, which gave rise to an ambitious industry-and-welfare project, building nearby schools, infrastructure, sports facilities and a residential complex for workers and eventually creating what would be called the “Manchester of Italy.”

In the mid-1980s, Milanese architect Vittorio Gregotti undertook Europe’s largest urban renewal project, with the aim of restoring the ex-industrial area to the city of Milan. Gregotti said: “simplicity is a very complicated thing to achieve.” The Bicocca buildings - orderly, restrained, monumental - reflect his avant-garde vision of a polycentric city: a place that brings together various functions - offices, green spaces, cultural facilities and social gathering places - with superior architecture.

Pirelli Gregotti
Pirelli 3 Pirelli 4 Pirelli 5

BiM in numbers

50,000+ sqm
total renovated area
43,300 sqm
offices with terraces
across 8 floors
800 sqm
surrounded by greenery
6,000 sqm

3,400 sqm
retail spaces

parking spaces

indoor bike spaces

510 sqm
auditorium seating 200

430 sqm

260 sqm
locker rooms with showers

All you need to do is this: try to make things happen, give different people different reasons to come to a space and make it become a place.



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